who we are

Graveston Baptist Church (GBC) is a church full of people that exemplify the love of Christ. We focus on the two greatest commands that Christ gave us: to love God and to love others. We believe that no matter what your background is or where you may have come from, we are all His children and we all deserve to be loved, to be able worship Him freely, and to seek His face when we enter His house. 

Graveston was founded in 1869 making it the second, oldest body of Christ in the Corryton area. Over the years they have continued to flourish and grow in numbers, and in 2005 they completed their fourth building project in order to accommodate the influx in followers of Christ. Nestled in the beautiful rural city of Corryton, but just a short drive from downtown Knoxville; GBC has the perfect location for any family in East Tennessee. 

What we believe

Here at Graveston we believe that God loves all of humanity and desires for all to know Him in a personal relationship. He sent His son to earth to redeem His people so that those who choose to follow Him will spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

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Graveston CHurch bylaws

Click here for the Graveston Baptist Church Bylaws and Constitution.